Barbara A. Poleo, President of Past Perfect Florida History, Inc., is a native of Cliffside Park, New Jersey and has lived in Florida since 1971. She holds a degree in History from Florida Atlantic University and served as Special Projects Coordinator for the Broward County Historical Commission.

She is a past president of the Deerfield Beach Historical Society and past vice-president of the Florida Antiquarian Booksellers Association and the author of several published articles on Florida History. Her years in the historical profession have given her extensive experience in research, editing, archival and collections management, exhibit design, teaching, public outreach, appraisal and retail and wholesale book sales.  Barbara worked extensively and closely with director Jeff Mustard as a historical consultant ensuring the historical accuracy and integrity of the production of “Deerfield Days.”

Her insights and expertise spanned the range from narrative review through to set design. she also managesThe Book Cellar bookstore in Deerfield Beach.