The Script: The “Blueprint” for your Message


If you were building a house would you consider doing it without blueprints? Absolutely not!

Well, the “script” is the blueprint for any TV, film or video production. The script is not just “words on a page,” but the total embodiment of the entire creative endeavor.  Sure the producer/director brings the script to life, but the script contains your message. In the film and tv business, it’s not just what you say, but it’s how you say it. It’s the remarkably powerful combination of what you are trying to get your viewer, your consumer, your target audience to do and how you go about “convincing them” to do it, all reflected in what is called “production value.” That’s essentially, the “image quality” of what “your message” looks like on screen.  

In the world of television strictly, it’s about “creating an entertainment experience” so the networks, or cable stations, or even “webisodes” on the internet,  the idea is to get the media outlet to carry your programming because it is entertaining. If it’s entertaining, then it will attract an audience. If you attract an audience, provided it’s big enough, the advertisers follow.  '

Entertainment + Information = Sales

But, if we are not creating a “television show” per say, then what are we doing? For the most part, we are most likely creating sales, marketing, promotional videos.  Does that mean that these should be devoid of creativity or lack entertainment or production value? Absolutely not! In fact, it’s just the opposite. It’s a proven fact that if you can “entertain someone” while providing them with “the right tone and attitude of the delivery of your message” the chances of success in selling and/or promoting your product or service to them is greatly enhanced. 

We Carefully Craft Your Message

And that is exactly what we do.  We expertly, painstakingly, craft and shape your message and strive to produce that message in the most entertaining and informative manner possible. Because at the end of the day, it’s about “the message” (and then of course, the right delivery of that message in a powerful, compelling video package).

How to Begin, What to Consider?

The first few questions are always simple, straight, and direct? What are we trying to achieve with this production and message? Who is our target audience? (For example, is this a “consumer based” video or is it a “business-to-business/industry” video?). Where will it run? Broadcast (television), web-based delivery, part of your YouTube channel and so on.  Are we trying to persuade or influence a consumer behavior or buying pattern? Or, are we strictly looking to “educate” your industry about a new product or service that you offer? Different goals, to be sure, and different approaches apply in terms of crafting your script and producing the finished product.

We Produce High Quality Videos that Powerfully Convey Your Message

Regardless of your company’s product or service, we can, and do, produce high quality video productions that contemplate the myriad issues of messaging/scripting, production and budget. Using the “house” metaphor, you can build a house for a few hundred thousand dollars, or millions of dollars. At the end of the day, you always ultimately get what you pay for. Production is no different. But it  essential to bear in mind, that an experienced production company knows how to “script your message” and write your commercial, or your infomercial, or produce your sales and marketing video, or your tv show, with an eye towards trying to meet and/or achieve a certain budget.  Of course expectations must be realistic especially for “clients” unfamiliar with the numerous vagaries and nuances of film/tv/video production. But the goals are always clear. Produce the best quality (video product) that contemplates ALL these variables.