We can fulfill as much, or as little of your project as you’d like.  

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From beginning to end, such as concepting and scriptwriting to finished video images.  Video production consists of many moving parts and pieces. It requires the skill and expertise of highly talented professionals to create, write, shoot, edit your project, regardless of size and scope.  From single camera shoots to multi-camera shoots, in the field or in a studio, live studio audience or single-person teleprompter read, we have the talent, experience and expertise to produce every aspect and phase of your project.

Elements of Video Production

Producing your project also includes elements such as voice over talent as may be required, matching your company’s product and/or service with the right age, tone, style, delivery and demographic of your intended audience, when either voice or on-camera talent is required. We are experts at this.

Music: Bring your Video to Life

And, what about music? Music Supervision is an art form. Music can, and often times does, play a significant role in amplifying the quality of your commercial and/or video production. Nothing is worse, or can detract as much from the overall impact you hope to achieve from your video than having music that is incompatible in genre, style, tone and tempo to the overall video production. Music must seamlessly work with the script and the talent, whether it’s on-camera talent or voice over talent. Music can enhance editing and overall pacing of your material and subject matter.  In fact, a video can be “cut to music” or the music can simply serve as a “bed” to accentuate the video overall and in many cases accentuate certain aspects of your video. Our producers are also award-winning radio writers and producers who bring this highly specialized skill to the production process. Yes, we are experts at this too.


Video Services 

• Documentary Filmmaking

• Long Form Television Programming – One Hour / Half Hour

• Syndicated Television Series – Network & Cable

• TV Show Trailers / Teasers / Promos

• Television Commercials / Commercial Spot Production

• Infomercials – Long Form – 27:30

• Direct Response Television Commercials — :60 & 2:00

• Corporate Video Production

• Sales Videos / Marketing Videos / Promotional Videos

• Training Videos

• Long Form Curriculum / Educational Videos

• Web Video Production

• Live (Corporate Event) Video Coverage

• Field Production for Network & Cable Television Network

• Sports Programming

• Live Events Staging / Shooting / Production

• Non Broadcast Production  – Sales and Marketing Videos